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Tosha - 7 Febrero 23:41

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Russ - 26 Octubre 17:27

Antes que gastar energía calentando o refrescando la casa, aplica bien las nociones de bioclimatismo y aislamiento Pretender estar en mangas de camisa en casa todo el año es pijismo puro y duro.

Urreta - 21 Marzo 09:24

Coitus More Ferarum is of course more literally copulation in the custom of wild animals and more commonly referred to as doggy style. Also, it sounded like you pronounced the second word with a single syllable like the common English comparative, whereas the ablative form of the Latin word mos should definitely have two syllables. There are no silent letters in Latin.

Frizzell - 19 Junio 15:59

I wanna taste

Knickman - 23 Mayo 11:37

But what if I just don't want to masturbate? I think that I must be asexual, because none of that sounds very appealing to me, or worth the guilt that I've been trained to feel afterward. (I understand this training was arbitrary, and it doesn't make me judge anyone other than myself. It seems like a lot of people around me are pushing the idea of masturbation. I just don't think that I am, or may ever be, ready.

Mineau - 9 Augusto 20:52

Love to give her one